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1. Milligan Reside Larkin - MRL - Residential Developments - Maryborough, Portlaoise - Sit

Kingscroft Housing


Residential development of 465 residential units (80 units social & affordable), a local service centre of three number units and one number crèche; the development comprises 226 number two-storey semi-detached dwellings, 165 number two- storey terrace townhouses, 45 number detached two-storey dwellings, 20 number detached single-storey  bungalows,  8  number  two-storey  apartments,  one  number  detached single storey dwelling with accommodation within the roofspace, one number single storey  service  centre  comprising  three  number  retail  units  and  one  number  single  storey  crèche,  together with  ancillary  roads,  drainage,  infrastructure,  parking  areas, fencing,  walls,  general  siteworks,  temporary  signage  and  landscaping.

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